Dedicated to research in management sciences, CERAG (Center for Studies and Applied Research in Management) is a joint research unit (UMR 5820) affiliated to the University Pierre Mendes France (LIG) in Grenoble and CNRS (Scientific Direction section 37). It has 149 members including 94 PhD students attached to five research teams, 6 ITA, 49 researchers and lecturers from the LIG (IAE Grenoble, IUT de Grenoble and Valence) and CNRS. Some of its members are from other higher education institutions (INP Grenoble, Grenoble School Management). CERAG is one of the few university laboratories of management sciences also affiliated with the CNRS.

The laboratory is located within a particularly active in higher education and research, as Grenoble is one of the most important university towns in France (60,000 students). CERAG has its own infrastructure with 750 m2 of office space in a completely renovated building on the campus of Saint-Martin d'Heres.

CERAG is organized into five areas covering all management science:

> Human Resource Management,
> Finance and Financial Accounting,
> Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship and Purchasing,
> Marketing
> Information Systems and Flux.

Research conducted under the direct of these axes. They are also cross, especially in the areas of ethics, corporate social responsibility, sustainable development or innovation.

During the past five years, researchers have published CERAG 219 articles in academic journals or professional, 54 books and 165 book chapters. They also participate actively in major international conferences in their discipline and have a hundred papers each year.

Many partnerships are established with companies such as illustrated in marketing chair created in 2007 with the firm GFK or the pulpit "Human Capital and Innovation" created in 2009. Agreements are made with different foreign universities in the United States, Europe, Brazil, China ...

CERAG works closely with:
> The Graduate School of Management Sciences: (CERAG of directors and deputy directors GDHS are respectively the GDHS and CERAG).
> EUROFIDAI UMS 2748 (stock market data interface):,
> IAE de Grenoble has four masters of management science research with four specialties:

Radu Burlacu
Professor of IAE Grenoble
Grenoble University