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Nicolas Lesca

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My research focuses on the organizational aspects of information systems and technologies concentrating on developing and implementing knowledge management and strategic scanning to enhance the collective capacity to anticipate unexpected and unpredictable changes in the external or internal environment. I am interested in designing and experimenting with methods and systems to develop the managerial skills and ability to detect, disseminate, share, interpret and make sense of weak signals to support anticipation and decision-making. I am also interested in the adoption, the diffusion and the appropriation of such methods and systems in organizations, as well as in their success and failure factors. My research projects are based on an inductive approach. They are grounded in the difficulties managers and organizations face to implement weak signals detection and sensemaking, anticipative scanning and decision-making with weak signals. Thus action-research is a methodology I very often adopt to design and implement actionable knowledge, and evaluate its acceptation and usefulness. My objective as a researcher is to contribute to helping managers and organizations develop competitiveness and sustainability.