Consumers and market transformations

le 16 novembre 2017
Co-chaired by Linda Price and Jean-Luc Giannellonni
Purpose of the workshop

Individual and collective identity projects have long been a vibrant topic for consumer theory and research. Much research has demonstrated that at every stage of life and across generations individual and collective identity by practices of consuming. The speakers gathered here today are respected for their innovative theory and research directed at understanding the dynamics of consumer identity.
As a research topic, consumer identiy transformation has links to liquid modernity and global consumer culture. Liquid modernity is a contemporary social condition characterized by high levels of change, institutional flexibility, and individual mobility. The conditions of liquid modernity leave individuals in constant flux such that reflexive self-transformation becomes the norm. Further, global consumer culture fuels the belief that problems can be solved through consumption, and offers up consumption as a mechanism for continual self-reinvention. Consumption offers a profusion of opportunities to experiment with fluid and multiple selves amidst a cultural imperative to change and adapt. Freedom to self-help and self-create can have positive consequences and help consumers create more positive and fulfilling lives. However, these freedoms can also lead to separation from community and family and be experienced as economic and social precariousness.
The broad purpose of this workshop is to address aspects of consumer transformation in global modernity, with attention to forms, processes and consequences. We hope to advance knowledge about consumer transformation with a diverse program aimed at sharing new research and encouraging the evolution of new research ideas and themes.

Conference program :

9h15 – 10h00 : Welcome coffee

10h00 – 10h15 : Conference opening by Jean-Luc Giannelloni and Linda L. Price
10h15 – 11h15 : session 1 - "Liquid consumption"
Fleura Bardhi, Professor of Marketing, Cass Business School, City University London, UK
11h15 – 12h15 : session 2 - "Managing status : How luxury brands shape class subjectivities in the service encounter"
Delphine Dion, Associate Professor of Marketing, ESSEC Business School, Cergy-Pontoise, France

12h15 – 14h00 : Lunch
14h00 – 15h00 : Session 3 - "This brand saved my life"
Bernard Cova, Professor of Marketing, Kedge Business School, Marseille, France
15h00 – 16h00 : session 4 - "The Fresh Start Mindset : Transforming Consumers’ Lives"
Linda L. Price, Philip H. Knight Chair and Professor of Marketing, Lundquist College of Business, University of Oregon, USA


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