Atelier, Conférence

Darren Dahl

29 janvier 2015 - 30 janvier 2015
Professeur, Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia (Canada)
29 janvier 2015 : Conférence grand public : " Qu’est-ce que la créativité ? Comment la développer et la renforcer à la fois dans une entreprise et dans sa vie personnelle"

30 janvier 2015 : participation au workshop "Influence and resistance to Influence in Marketing"
"Social Influence in the Retail Environment : Salesperson and Customer Effects"
Across four different projects, the impact of social influence on consumer behavior in the retail context is established. First, mere presence effects are identified. Namely, the social presence of other consumers is documented as a significant source of influence on the consumer. The actions and characteristics of the influencing customer are studied. Second, the salesperson in the store is shown to exhibit subtle behaviors that can also exert social influence. Incidental similarity and customer service are identified as significant sources of social influence that have impact on the consumer.
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