Atelier, Conférence

Influence and Resistance to Influence in Marketing

le 30 janvier 2015
Organized by Marie-Laure Gavard-Perret, Professor of Marketing, UGA

Purpose of the Workshop

Social influence has been shown to play an important role in marketing. Interactive social influence and noninteractive social influence have effects on consumers. But, our understanding of influence conditions, influence process and risks of resistance towards influence in a consumption context or in a persuasion context is still limited and there remains much to be learned.

The goal of this conference is to advance knowledge about influence, by disseminating new research, sharing best practices, and encouraging the evolution of new research ideas and themes. I have assembled, around the very famous speaker Darren W. DAHL, who is a global leader in the study of consumer behaviour, a group of high quality international researchers with interesting and innovative insights on influence and resistance to influence : Dominique ROUX (Paris Sud University, Saclay, France), Mario PANDALAERE (Ghent University, Belgium), Emanuela PANDRELLI and Paola CILLO (Bocconi University, Milan, Italy). I also have the pleasure of featuring one distinguished practitioner keynote speaker in the program : Pierre GOMY, Deputy Managing Director, Millward Brown France. Through this diverse program, I hope to not only help participants advance their knowledge on influence and resistance to influence, but also to inspire the social influence sub-discipline through relationships and dialogue with distinguished scholars and practitioners across disciplinary boundaries.

Marie-Laure GAVARD-PERRET, Professor of Marketing, University Grenoble Alpes


9h30 - 10h : Morning reception - coffee

10h - 10h10 : Conference Welcome
Marie-Laure GAVARD-PERRET, Professor of Marekting, University Grenoble Alpes
Darren DAHL, Professor of Marketing, Sauder Business School (Vancouver, Canada)

10h10 - 11h : Session 1
"The Effect of Critical Evaluation on Aesthetic Innovation : Debunking the Myth of Designer as Dictator
Emanuela PANDRELLI, Associate Professor of Management and Technology, Department of Management and Technology, Bocconi University (Italy)
Paola CILLO, Associate Professor of Management, Bocconi University and SDA Bocconi School of Management (Italy)

11h - 11h50 : Session 2
"Dispositifs' of promise and moral justifications : how loyalty programs produce mundane consumer resistance"
Dominique ROUX, Professor of Marketing, Paris Sud, Sarclay (France)

11h50 - 12h10 : Morning coffee break

12h10 - 13 h : Session 3
"Changing behavior, judgment and opinion through questions"
Mario PANDELAERE, Full Professor of Marketing, Ghent University (Belgium)

13h - 14h15 : Lunch

14h15 - 15h45 : Session 4 - Main session - Conference guest speaker
"Social influence in the Retail Environment : Salesperson and Customer Effects"
Darren DAHL, Professor of Marketing, Sauder Business School (Vancouver, Canada)

15h45 - 16h : Afternoon coffee break

16h - 16h50  : Session 5
"Successful digital communications rely on strong social insights"
Pierre GOMY, Deputy Managing Director, Millward Borwn (France)

16h50 - 17h : Concluding remarks



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