Workshop InterCultural Communication

6 mars 2019 - 22 mars 2019
An Educational Serious Game for Working in International Teams
The InterCCom project aims to design and develop a digital serious game for remote team collaboration on international projects. The game, with its explanatory videos and other multimedia and educational content, will allow the entire integrated university of Grenoble to encourage students and personnel to develop their understandings of cultural differences as well as their intercultural competencies. The game will furthermore be an experimental method for research in intercultural competences.
This project is being developed by an interdisciplinary and international team composed of university lecturers and researchers as well as experts. They come from various faculties in Grenoble (Sciences Po – UGA: IAE, IUT2, RI UGA – INP), international universities and the professional world.
For 2019, this project has been endorsed and financed by IDEX Grenoble Alpes and the federative research structure Innovacs. The workshops have been endorsed by Atlas-AFMI, the Francophone Association of International Management.


March 6-9, 2019 :
March 6 "Gamification" in International Management et Conception of an Adaptable Digital Game Conferences and workshops on using games in education and international management research. 16h30: team building activity
March 7 Collaborative conception of the game scenario for intercultural team
management, following design thinking methodology
March 8 Collaborative conception of a backoffice game platform that allows the generation of alternative scenarios, following design thinking methodology

March 20-22, 2019 :
March 20 Scenario Development of Intercultural Team Collaboration for the InterCCom Game Conferences and workshops on the intercultural dimension within
team collaboration. 16h30: team building activity
March 21 Creative workshop to imagine the game’s intercultural scenes and
critical incidents, and the different interpretations of these situations
due to different cultural understandings
March 22 Writing workshop for in-game texts and video recordings



Sciences Po Grenoble
1030 Avenue Centrale
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