Danielle Taylor is doing a thesis on "Multilingual virtual team management and the influence of linguistic diversity on team processes in an international remote context".
She has developed the serious game "ELITE": a game to develop international teamwork skills in a virtual environment.

In this game, you are the coordinator of a team of eight people who are located around the world. Your objective is to organize an event around a product launch in Thailand.

This game will allow you to adapt to the new challenges of remote work, especially with very diverse groups.  The game interface replicates teamwork with the exchange of emails, chat messages, and audio and video calls with people from different countries and cultures.  As you complete tasks, you will learn how to manage an international team through experience and "hands-on" experience. In addition, throughout the game, you will receive regular practical information to better coordinate your team. At the end of the game, you will receive more detailed information on how your communication practices and strategies fit into this type of team.

The serious game "ELITE" can be used by teachers in their courses, but also used individually by professionals or students.
Mis à jour le 12 avril 2022