Nursing homes as a case for assessing Serious Games

Organisations are paying increasing attention to serious games (SGs) in a quest to find solutions to training needs. Evaluation of these software programmes for training purposes marks a crucial stage in serious game commercial development. EHPADs (Etablissements d’Hébergement pour Personnes Agées Dépendantes/ nursing homes for dependent elderly people) suffer from a poor public image. Because staff work long hours, SGs may provide a solution to work training issues. The SG surveyed in this study uses 3D simulation technologies to produce three training situations for the hotel and nursing staff of these establishments hosting dependent elderly people: (1) the admission process of an elderly person to the EHPAD, (2) supervision of a meal and (3) refusal of care by a resident. A qualitative approach is used to evaluate the SG and is based on observations to explain the concepts at work when staff members use the SG. We first carried out several verification phases and then compared our concepts with those from known models so as to build a new model. Our SG is assessed at several different levels.


Nursing homes as a case for assessing Serious Games
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Soumis le 17 septembre 2018